Hyola 559TT At Goroke in 2017 yielding 3.4t/ha and was direct headed and topped with Roundup Ultramax and windrows burnt.


On the go NDVI data is essential to know what a crop is doing and where there are issues in the paddock.


Glyphosate resistance is a major issue going forward.


Getting around with minimal impact is easy with the Can Am. Plus it lets you have a good look at paddocks with safety and the grower with you, and with weather not much of an issue. Even if it's wet this thing doesn't leave a mark.


It's hard to beat the contrasts of the Wimmera, from mountain to clay soil plains to the stunning view of Arapilies over the sail lakes.

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Knowing your soil moisture and and therefore your risk is very important in our environment so we can match inputs and manage risk.


Crop walks and good industry speakers as well as grower input and perspectives are very important.

Yellow Sticky Trap Mibus 11th June 2010.

IPM is very important to our strategy, insecticides should be used wisely not ad hoc, with  proper thresholds worked around.